From Toxic to Toxin to Toxicity (Lesson 3)

As I stated in my last blog, I am doing a study series on Toxic things because I feel led of the Lord to take us into a deeper understanding of what toxic is and what it can do  physically, mentally and spiritually. I do not believe that we should take it so lightly when it can cause such havoc and chaos in our daily lives. It is vital to learn this now in this present day and time. Things are increasingly getting worse. Toxic things are not going to go away. Thus is why we need to learn how to get them out of our bodies and our lives.

I am going to expound upon these issues as much as I can. I am not just writing notes any more, But am being led to make them into study series. Something we need more of not less. The Bible clearly tells us to study to show thyself approved. The more we study the issues of life and what is around us and relate it to the word of God in our lives the easier it will be for us to be overcomers and not under achievers. Studying will help us to learn the devises of the Devil and how to keep away from them. I gave the definitions of toxic and toxicity. We can clearly see that toxic is poison and if exposed to it; it becomes toxin, The longer we are around a toxin the more dangerous it becomes to us and toxicity sets in. The longer toxicity is in us the more hazardous and dangerous it is to us. It can become life threathening and especially to our spirit man. It can cause us not to focus upon the Lord and His righteous ways. It can keep us from devoloping into what God has for us and what He wants us to be. I am going to categorize and sub categorize different issues. May we with this and further studies improve our daily walks in Christ.


What Is Toxicity (Lesson 2)

By now we should understand that toxic is poison. So let’s look into what toxicity is and what it does. Toxicity is the degree to which a substance ( a toxin or poison) can damage humans or animals.Toxicity can refer to the effect on a whole organism, such as an animal, bacterium, or plant, as well as the effect on a substructure of the organism, such as a cell (cytotoxicity) or an organ such as the liver (hepatotoxicity). By extension, the word may be metaphorically used to describe toxic effects on larger and more complex groups such as  the family unit or society at large.

In general all substances are toxic or poisonings; However at normal levels, these substances are considered allowable or safe. Toxicity is above the allowed levels. A toxic effect may be visible damage, or a decrease in performance or function measurable only by test. The toxicity of a substance depends on three factors: 1) structure 2) the extent which the substance is absorbed by the body 3) and the body’s ability to detoxify the substance and rid it from the body.

 Acute toxicity involves harmful effects in an organism through a  single or short term exposure. Sub chronic toxicity is the ability of a toxic substance to cause effects for more than a year but less than the lifetime of the exposed organism. Chronic toxicity is the ability of a substance or mixture of substances to cause harmful effects over an extended period, usually upon repeated or  continuous exposure, sometimes lasting the entire life of the exposed organism.

Toxicity:  noun

1) The degree to which something is poisioness

2) Grave harmfullness or deadliness

3) The quality of being toxic

Things That Are Toxic (Lesson 1)

red-skull-crossbones-clipartI will be doing a Bible study lesson on Things That Are Toxic. I feel that God is leading all of us into a deeper study of things in our lives that we need to keep out so that we can have a closer walk with Him. So this week I am doing toxic things.

What Does Toxic Mean
Our study is about things that are toxic. So exactly what does toxic mean when defining a person? “Toxic” and similar words came from : Greek τοξο= “bow (weapon)” via ” poisoned arrow” which comes from ” poison” in scientific language, as the usual Classical Greek word

 (‘ιον) for “poison ” would transcribe as “io-“,  which is not distinctive enough. In some biological names, “toxo-” still means “bow”, as in Toxiodon= “bow toothed” from the shape.

Late Latin toxicus, from Latin toxicum poision

tox·ic [tok-sik] :

 adjective:1. of, pertaining to, affected with, or caused by a toxin or poison: a toxic condition. 2. acting as or having the effect of a poison; poisonous: a toxic drug.3. deadly: causing serious harm or death. 4. exhibiting symptoms of infection or toxicities 5. extremely harsh, malicious, or harmful

Synonyms: baneful, deadly, harmful, lethal, mephitic, noxious, pernicious, pestilential, poison, septic, toxicant, venomous, virulent.

Now that we have an understanding of what toxic is Let’s go and see what toxic things we need to keep out of our lives.